Thursday, April 8, 2010

Earth Day Recycling

On Earth Day, I will be participating at a school festival to help celebrate this special day. The school wanted me to do a craft or something for the kids and teens (it's a K-8 school). Last fall I made duct tape roses which were a big hit. Well, I needed something cheap and that a mass audience could create. After inquiring on a few list-servs, I came up with this wonderful craft: Make a gift bow from a magazine. Let me just tell you, it's so easy and the gift bows come out looking exactly like the ones you pay good money for in a store. And, they are more colorful!

Don't they look fabulous! I have many magazines I've discarded at my library so it's the perfect recycling craft and it's easy enough that I think the younger kids are going to be able to make one without too many problems.

I am not crafty at all, like at all. I can knit but barely so I always am on the look out for really easy to do crafts. This fits the bill perfectly! I highly recommend it. It could also work really well in conjunction with a holiday type program for kids or teens.

Do you have any favorite crafts you'd like to share that are easy-peasy to make? Please link me to them because I'm always open to new ideas.


  1. These are one of my favourite crafts! Such fun to make with such fantastic results.
    I also like to make envelopes out of different kinds of recycled paper. Children's book jackets are great for this. The library I volunteer with always has a large supply of them on hand that have been removed from hardcover picture books.

  2. These are so cute! I'm not crafty either and I can make duct tape roses (and wallets if I have the teens to help me, but it was easier than I thought), beaded bookarks (string beads on the end of ribbon-I can do that!), and paper flowers (we made these for my wedding with flowers traced from a Klutz paper flower book on scrapbook paper and pages from books, then strung them on pipe cleaner).

  3. I'm actually going to be doing these bows in a craft program, too! We'll be doing bows and beads, both made from magazines.

    The other craft I'm doing this month are these cereal box pencil cases, but because we don't have enough cereal boxes, we'll be using milk cartons instead. They are really easy to make; I made two in less than 30 minutes.




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