Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Youth Librarian

Abby the Librarian is famous for her Day in the Life of posts and it's been a long time since I have done one of my own, so here is glimpse into the day in the life of this youth librarian.

8:30 AM: Arrive at work, yay! Turn on the lights, get the computers up and running and check my email and some favorite blogs.

9:00 AM: Walk through the children's and YA areas, picking things up from the weekend and just doing some general straightening up. There's always a mess from Saturdays but I like to see what random books show up in the wrong places or on the table or chairs.

9:10 AM: Setting up the meeting room for the teen gingerbread program this afternoon. Tables and tablecloths to try to prevent some of the frosting from getting everywhere. My library does not have a facilities person of its own so meeting room set-up always falls on the librarians (something to consider when applying for smaller library jobs).

9:30 AM: Catalog some DVDs. I like to do this when it's quieter in the library since it's easier for me to not get interrupted.

10:00AM: And we're open! Turn on the phone and get a cart to do some weeding of the picture books which have gotten tight.

11:15 AM: Looking through my preschool storytime materials for the week. This is the final week of storytime for the week which always makes me sad. I'm doing this "Santa Bingo" for a flannel only instead of Santa, it will say Jolly since I'm just trying to be a bit less focused on Christmas and instead, more on the holiday season.

11:45 AM: The desk for my new AWE Early Literacy Station arrived! Moving some items around in the children's area to make room for where it will go. It's a bilingual English/Spanish computer and I'm really excited to introduce it to the community.

12:20 PM: Call comes through from a teacher asking if I can pull books on Kwanzaa. That's easy enough but she wants basically all my Kwanzaa books which is hard since I don't have a huge selection to begin with. Well, I guess I know there's a need for a few more.

12:30 PM: Lunch time!

1:30 PM: Back from lunch. Boxes from Baker and Taylor have arrived so I get to do one of my favorite activities, opening up new books to see what has arrived.

2:00 PM: Back on the children's desk and answering questions. Never enough Barbie books in the library.

3:00 PM: Back in the meeting room and putting out food for the gingerbread houses.

3:30 PM: Welcome teens to the program. This is one of the few programs I ask people to preregister for since it involves a large amount of food and I want to know that I have enough. Let the teens go to town on their creations.

5:00 PM: Program is over and it was excellent. 15 teens attending which is plenty given all the sugar in the room. Now it's time for some clean-up.

5:20 PM: Heading home for the evening! Another successful day at the library.


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