Thursday, January 3, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new!

I've been busy weeding my library's picture books since mid-December. Here's some progress shots:


Who wants to look at me? No one because you can't even pull out books!

So close, too close!

It may not seem like much but let me assure you, there is display space & I can pull out books again!

Clean! Attractive! Browsable shelves!
It's still a work in progress as I am re-ordering some titles and in terms of weeding, I've only just finished Karen Katz so I still have much of the alphabet left. I am being brutal though. We have good circulation but if a book is shabby or hasn't moved in a year, it's gone. My library just doesn't have the space right now to house these picture books. 

I am being cautious about keeping Caldecott Medal winners and some honor books (recent ones in particular) so having access to ALSC's website and Caldecott list is invaluable. YALSA needs to take a hint. I know this is going to reinvigorate my shelves and get parents and caregivers and general readers back to discovering some great picture book treasures in the stacks.


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