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How to Encourage Children to Read

Adults who adore reading know the pleasure books can bring. From swashbuckling adventure tales to heart-breaking emotional rollercoasters, literature opens up countless worlds with endless possibilities. But having a child who doesn’t share that enthusiasm can be frustrating. Check out the following stress-free tips on how to get kids to love reading.

Start Young

Even before a child celebrates their first birthday, reading can be an integral part of the daily routine. Books with pop-ups, lift-the-flaps, or sounds and music, provide a fun and interactive way of stimulating young minds. Incorporating reading into the bedtime ritual, for instance, helps to establish a habit that will hopefully last for years to come.

Don’t Rush

Squeezing a chapter in between school and judo class is never going to work. Reading should always take place in a comfortable setting at a relaxed pace. Consider making a den or a cozy reading corner, and try to dedicate some time every night to reading together.

Let Them Choose

Forcing a child into reading something they are just not interested in, even if it is your favorite book, will only have a negative impact. Head to the book shop, or better still, visit the library and allow your kids to pick whatever they want.

Looking for Inspiration?

There are reams of fantastic children’s books out there, and plenty of excellent resources available for unearthing a new favorite. Check out recommendations at the library, ask friends and family, or head online for ample inspiration.